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Essex Dog Training Centre

Est. 1979

"Voted Britain's Best

Dog Training Facility"



Fun agility for the family pet, from basic to advanced.  Dogs have to be reasonably fit and well and must not have been fed or taken in a lot of water in the four hours before training.  Dogs cannot take part in certain agility exercises until at least one year old, very large breeds may have to wait longer. Puppies can only do minimal work and equipment socialisation. We often have inter-class agility fun competitions where rosettes are awarded.


Agility will include:

Tunnel – See-Saw – ‘A’ Frame – Weave Poles – Barrels – Long Jump – Dog Walk and Cross Over Dog Walk















Please ensure that your dogs are adequately warmed up before taking part in the early sessions. If you are unsure how to do this please ask an instructor. If a warm-up area is allocated, all dogs must be kept on lead within that area.

• Please do NOT feed your dog, nor allow excessive intake of water, for 4 hours prior to any agility session. This is for the well-being of your dogs. If you do not understand why, please ask an instructor.

• Titbits on the agility course are only to be used at the instructors’ discretion. You may be asked to leave your treats at the entrance to the compounds.

• Please ensure that your dog has an opportunity to use the training centre dog toilets before entering agility areas, as fouling is distracting to both yours and other dogs.

• Dogs under 12 months will only be permitted to use certain items of agility equipment. Anything that could cause damage to a young dog’s developing joints and muscles will not be addressed until a dog is sufficiently mature (This could be up to 18 months of age in larger breeds of dog)

• No dog, however advanced, should run more than 4 rounds in any agility session. In hot weather you will be advised to reduce the number of rounds by your instructor.

• Agility training will be subject to the number of instructors available and also to weather conditions.

Dave Agility
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