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Essex Dog Training Centre

Est. 1979

"Voted Britain's Best

Dog Training Facility"



We are now running classes without a booking system please refer to the class times page

  All new members are required to attend an induction session before attending classes for the first time

Inductions must be booked via

For the latest news on upcoming events, training during extreme weather events and agility availability, please go to our twitter page




Puppies @ 6.30pm / Beginners @ 6.30pm / Intermediate @ 7.45pm / Advanced @ 7.45pm


Beginners @ 9.30am / Puppies 10.45am 


Intermediate @ 9.45am / Mixed Ability (Intermediate and Advanced) @ 11am 

 Puppies @ 7.00pm / Mixed Ability (Beginners and Intermediate) @ 8.15pm


Puppies @ 9.30am / Beginners @ 9.30am / Intermediate @ 10.45 am 

Advanced @ 10.45am


We are unable to offer regular agility, one to one, or group sessions at the moment. 

We will update this site when this changes.

OBEDIENCE CLASSES COST £10 and last approx 60 mins

Payment by cash or bank transfer (made payable to The Essex Dog Training Centre) on the day

The Essex Dog Training Centre was formed in 1979 to help owners build a bond between themselves and their dog so that they both know what is expected of each other.  This organisation was formed, and is run totally by volunteers who, although are highly qualified, do not receive payment. All training fees are invested back into the excellent facilities which you are able to use.  Whilst looking through our website you will not find lots of ‘questionable’ testimonials as used by many training centres. We invite you to visit our training centre, have a look around, ask questions, speak to people, watch a training class in action and then make your own decision.  The Centre has a very welcoming atmosphere with a non-fanatic attitude. We do however always recommend that you visit as many dog training centres/clubs that you can before making the final decision on where is best for you and your dog to receive training. Over 90% of members attending our centre do so on recommendation.


All the training methods used by our 12 Instructors are reward based i.e, treats, toys or verbal praise.  We do not advise the ‘total domination method' of force on a dog which has often been used by many training centres/clubs and organisations.  Whilst it is important that a degree of firmness is used when training your dog it is imperative that you are fair and always reward good behaviour. We do not allow the use of ‘choke chains’, ‘spiked collars’ or ‘electric collars’.  


The classes are ongoing, we do not expect you to sign up for a course as we understand many people work shifts and have other commitments.  The cost of the class includes both obedience and agility. You can attend as little or as often as you wish and once a member you only pay when you attend a class.  Children are welcome to attend under strict supervision of parents/guardians at all times, they are welcome to train their dog as long as they are over eight years of age providing they can physically control the dog.


Our great team of qualified, dedicated and friendly Instructors are here to help.  You will not be shouted at, intimidated or made to feel silly.


In the early stages of training we recommend you attend at least once a week, but remember the more effort you put in to training your dog, the more results you will see.


The Training Centre, have been selected to appear in over 130 television broadcasts, many of which have been shown Worldwide.  HRH The Duchess of Cornwall recently visited the Centre after a request by The Lord Lieutenant Petre of Essex to arrange the visit.  Annual events are held where you may have the chance to be awarded, or nominated for, one of our prestigious awards.  Throughout the year competitions are randomly held and you will get the chance to be presented with a rosette for good training achievements.


Should you decide to use our training facility, or would just like to see what we do, please come along on any training session – no appointment necessary.


We look forward to seeing you at the Essex Dog Training Centre. 01277 375131 

Please note we are not connected or part of any other dog training organisation or dog display team and we are only based in Brentwood.

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