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Essex Dog Training Centre

Est. 1979

"Voted Britain's Best

Dog Training Facility"


All training is undertaken using reward based methods and positive reinforcement - highly effective and a great way to motivate your dog and create a positive relationship between you and your pet.


None of our Instructors have a fanatical approach to dog training.  You will not be shouted at, ridiculed or told off, we just don't do that. We are renowned for our friendly, pleasant and non-clique atmosphere where new members are welcomed by all.


The training classes are split into 4 levels:


Beginners (was class 1)

Intermediate (was class 2/3)

Advanced (was class 3 / 4)


Annual events are held where you may have the chance to be awarded, or nominated for, one of our prestigious awards.  Throughout the year competitions are randomly held and you will get the chance to be presented with a rosette for good training achievements.


Should you decide to use our training facility, or would just like to see what we do, please come along on any training session – no appointment necessary


We look forward to seeing you.


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